learning AI with duckies

Duckietown Foundation develops autonomy learning experiences that are accessible, open, and fun!


Our story

Duckietown started as a class at MIT in 2016 (duckumentary). It then grew to a worldwide initiative. In Fall of 2017, a coordinated class was taught at ETH Zürich, Université de Montréal, TTI Chicago, and NCTU Taiwan. In Fall 2018, the platform will be used for a the “AI Driving Olympics” live competition at NIPS 2018. 

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The Duckietown platform

The platform that we develop has two components: Duckiebots and Duckietowns. Duckiebots are low-cost mobile robots that are built almost entirely from off-the-shelf parts. The only onboard sensor is the forward-facing camera. Duckietowns comprise the road, which is constructed from exercise mats and tape, and the signage which the robots use to navigate around. 

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Use in education

The Duckietown platform is primarily used for robotics autonomy education. We have developed a  “class-in-a-box” that comprises lectures, exercises, and theory, that combine with the physical robot platform to reinforce the core concepts.  

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Use in research

The Duckietown platform has also been used extensively for research on mobile robotics and physically embodied AI systems. We are very excited to announce the AI Driving Olympics, which will be a live competition at NIPS 2018.

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A primary focus of the project is to make it accessible with a low barrier of entry to all demographics in the world. To date, we have active communities in many different regions. 


The mission of the Duckietown Foundation is to make the world excited about the beauty, the fun, the importance, and the challenges of robotics and artificial intelligence, through learning experiences that are tangible, accessible, and inclusive.

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