Duckietown Donation program

We want everybody to play and learn with Duckietown!

While we design our robot platform to be as cheap as possible, we realize that the cost might be an obstacle for somebody, especially in some parts of the world.

On the other hand, we know that many would love to donate the equipment to somebody in need. 

So, we have designed a donation program. See below for details.


We appreciate all contributions, large and small:


Please apply below for one of the possibilities:

Donation Program Rules

One free Duckiebot starting kit

Eligibility criteria

  • Students subscribed to college or graduate school.

  • Anywhere in the world

Ranking criteria

  • Low income area.

  • Motivation level, as described in the application form.

  • Part of a local user group.


  • Write blog post about experience

One free Duckietown class starting kit

Eligibility criteria

  • Instructor in accredited college or graduate school application.
  • Anywhere in the world.

Ranking criteria

  • Low income area.
  • Class offered for credit.
  • Earlier classes preferred.


  • Class website hosted on
  • Write blog post at end of class.

Free Amazon Web Services credits for AI-DO


  • Active participant in the AI-DO


  • Research skills.
  • Low income areas

Sponsors Acknowledgements

We gratefully acknowledge Amazon Web Services (AWS) for providing free credits for AI-DO participants.
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