Acquiring Duckietown Hardware

Did you know that you don’t need a Duckiebot to get started with Duckietown? If you are not able to acquire hardware at this time, we invite you to get started in simulation. Learn more here.

If you are ready to get your hands on some Duckies, complete the form below.

Hardware Order Form

Donation Program

If you have not been able to acquire hardware but have been using the our online resources and would like to enhance your experience by running your algorithms on a real machine, we invite you to submit an application to our Donation Program

We want everybody to play and learn with Duckietown but please note that due to a large number of applications we cannot fulfill all requests for hardware donations. We will contact you should your application be selected when there is hardware available for donation.

If you are an individual or organization that is interested in making a donation to help others use Duckietown please get in touch.

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