AI-DO I Interactive Tutorials

The AI Driving Olympics, presented by the Duckietown Foundation with help from our partners and sponsors is now in full swing. Check out the leaderboard!

We now have templates for ROS, PyTorch, and TensorFlow, as well as an agnostic template.

We also have baseline implementation using the classical pipeline, imitation learning with data from both simulation and real Duckietown logs, and reinforcement learning.

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a series of interactive tutorials for competitors to get started. These tutorials will be streamed live from our Facebook page.

The schedule is as follows (all tutorials will take place at 9am EST):

Tutorial # Date Organizer Topic
#1 Friday Nov 2 Liam Paull and Breandan Considine
  • Introduction to the AI Driving Olympics
  • Getting everything setup
  • Running the base template and making your first submission
#2 Monday Nov 5 Bhairav Mehta and Liam Paull
  • Running the ROS template
  • Using the Duckietown classical baseline
#3 Wednesday Nov 7 Manfred Diaz and Julian Zilly
  • Running the TensorFlow template
  • Using the imitation learning from Duckiebot logs baseline
  • Using the imitation learning from simulator logs baseline
#4 Friday Nov 9 Bhairav Mehta and Florian Golemo
  • Running the PyTorch template
  • Using the Reinforcement Learning baseline
#5 Monday Nov 12 Bhairav Mehta and Sunil Mallya
  • Build, train, and deploy for scale at low cost with AWS
#6 Wednesday Nov 14 Claudio Ruch and Andrea Censi
  • The Autonomous Mobility on Demand Challenge
#7 Friday Nov 16 Bhairav Mehta, Andrea Censi
  • Deploying on the Duckiebot
#8 Friday Nov 23 All AI-DO organizers Ask us anything
#9 Friday Nov 30 All AI-DO organizers Ask us anything
#10 Wednesday Dec. 5 All AI-DO organizers Ask us anything
AI-DO I Interactive Tutorials
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