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    Hi, I have been having trouble downloading bag files from logs (under I have tried downloading bag files from the IPFS public gateway

    However, each video downloads about 5-15 MB fairly quickly, then gets stuck and the downloads are never completed. I have also tried other suggested gateways which yields similar results.

    Additionally, I have tried installing the IPFS node on my machine, running ipfs daemon, browsing at the local address, and downloading from there. The same thing happens with a few MB downloaded, then stuck. I have tried downloading through the terminal using the “ipfs get” command, yet also have the same result. I’ve tried all of these approaches at different physical locations and using both Wifi and LAN connections, all the same.

    We are doing imitation learning from logs. In a brief beautiful window of hope, we were able to download 5 bag files from a few different videos, yet haven’t been able to do this since. With these few data, our algorithm is not able to learn very well at all, and we believe we need more data to generalize better. We have about 10-15 more bag files that we have selected from the list that we are unable to download. Is there any other way we can download these files? Is anyone willing to share these bag files with us if you have them already downloaded?

    Any help is much appreciated!

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