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    Hi, I’m setting up a Duckiebot and am running into trouble with the ROS option described in the “Making your Duckiebot move” section of the docs (
    I set up the Duckiebot using dts init_sd_card. When I ssh on to the bot, I don’t see the “duckietown” directory in the home directory, so I don’t have an file that I can source to set up the ROS environment. Where do I get these files from?

    This only affects the non-Docker ROS option. Using Docker, I’m able to run the ROS container, and do the keyboard control and camera demos – everything there seems to be working fine!



    I am also unable to get the traffic light working as described at

    Is a Docker version of the traffic light software planned to be released? Thanks!

    Liam Paull

    Hi Brian –

    for the completely non-Docker option you would need to clone and build the duckietown directory on the robot.

    We should have a docker version for running the light. It is actually pretty straightforward to build.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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