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    Erich Clark

    Hey, all!

    I’m convinced that templates are the way to go with Duckietown roads. All the fiddly measuring gets done once and carefully, then making new tiles is way easier and you are not duplicating work. If templates were software, we’d call them functions.

    Anyway, I just did a lot of painstaking calculations on how to make templates for a straight road tile and published it on Medium. I have lots of nice pics in the story, and you can check my math, but I’m pretty sure everything works out.

    Hope this helps somebody!


    Erich Clark

    I have completed another template set for the intersection road tiles!

    There’s a full writeup here:


    Kirsten Bowser

    Great idea Erich!

    I like edge wrapping technique. I’ve always taped across several tiles and then cut the tape where the two tiles met when I wanted to disassemble. It never looks as good when reassembled though, so this is probably a more robust approach. Have you taken them apart and put them together a few times? Does it hold well?

    Also, we sourced some 1 inch duck tape and that really simplified taping the center line.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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