Evaluation on real cars

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    Access to Robotarium will be granted once submitted code passes the simulation stage of the competition.

    For validation of submitted code and evaluation for finals at NIPS a surprise environment will be employed. This is to discourage overfitting to any particular Duckietown.

    Does the evaluation on real cars will take place at the end of NIPS?

    Thank you.

    Liam Paull

    We will have real cars at NIPS yes.
    We are behind with the Robotarium but if you would like us to try your submission on the real track before the competition we may be able to accommodate.



    Liam , thank you for response.

    We do want to test on real cars )

    As I correctly understood we have accommodate this repository https://github.com/duckietown/challenge-aido1_LF1-baseline-RL-sim-pytorch ?



    Hi Liam,

    Can we test our submission on the Real robot before the finals?
    How we do it? IS there any instructions ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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