Fans and LEDs always on when charging? Duckiebot not shutting off after 10 min?

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    Hi all, I have some questions regarding the latest duckiebot version(DB21M). After I shut down the duckiebot via ssh (I ssh in, then run the sudo poweroff command), the fan and LEDs stay on until the battery is fully drained; neither the power button on the top, nor the button on the battery itself turn these off. Further, when plugged in, the fan and LEDs will still run, even if the Jetson module is off.

    I thought I might have just wired the micro-USBs to the HUT wrong, or connected the LEDs to the HUT in the wrong place, but I went back through the instructions and had everything right.

    Is this behavior correct? I was under the impression that, without a load, the battery is supposed to shut itself off after 10 minutes, but it seems like it’s treating the LEDs and fan as a load. I’m tempted to just unplug the LEDs and and fan perpetually, but I’m not sure if the HUT will still drain the battery without any peripherals connected.




    Same thing is happening to me. I was able to ssh to the duckiebot and see the dashboard. But after running sudo poweroff the fan and leds are still running. I only was able to turn them off by unplugging the rightmost USB cable plugged to the HUT, is that ok or it could damage it?

    Even worse, I had problems turning the Jetson on again: I cannot ssh and the LCD display at the top is off. How do I turn the duckiebot on again? I connected a USB-C charger to the jetson power input (8 in and I after a while the board turned on again, is this the right way of turning it on again?

    Finally, how can be recharge the battery without disassembling the from of the duckiebot. The input I used to charge the battery (CHR in is not accessible when the duckiebot is mounted

    Sorry but I have more questions that answers





    Hi Juan,
    I emailed the hardware team for Duckietown and got some answers. When it comes to the fan and LEDs still running when the Jetson is off:

    This is expected. The USB port 2 of the battery will shutdown after 10 minutes if no load is perceived. The fan and LEDs being on, keep the USB output on. At this point the only way to completely shutoff the fan and LEDs is to detach the right most (looking at the hut from the side of the Duckiebot with the micro USB

    So I believe unplugging the right-most USB in the HUT is a safe way to keep the fans and LED off (since the Jetson doesn’t come with a build-in fan on the heat-sink, I’m also assuming it’s safe for it to operate without one, with perhaps slightly worse performance).

    I’ve found that plugging in the HUT to a power outlet (2nd micro-usb from the left on the HUT), or unplugging the HUT from a power outlet causes the Jetson to turn on. I’m not sure if this is the proper behavior, but it seems consistent at least for me so far. I just need to make sure that, after plugging the duckiebot into the wall, I wait for the Jetson to boot up, then ssh in and turn it off so it doesn’t drain while trying to charge.

    A side note, they also mentioned this in the email:

    We changed the instructions recently (4-5 days ago) to relax some of the tension on one of the USB ports, given a cable came out ~1cm shorter than expected from manufacturing.

    1. Older configuration: 5VRASPI port on the hut is connected to the same cable that goes to the Jetson board as well.
    2. Newer configuration (as current instructions): 5VRASPI port on the hut is connected to the usb cable coming for the other battery USB output.

    Hopefully some of my word vomit helps a bit!

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