Hello! Introcuctions – who else is out there?

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    I’m finishing participation in the Research Experience for Teachers at UNR, which used Duckietown as a model for teaching about machine learning and self-driving cars. I’m picking up my Duckiebot and Duckietown kit today — so far we’ve had gym-duckietown simulations, but no physical robot. I’m interested in meeting other people involved in Duckietown. (Pandemic permitting…I’m back to masking in public even though vaccinated and will be minimizing in-person contact until the rest of the state catches up.) I teach in a Gifted and Talented classroom in a middle school and I’ll be bringing Duckietown down to MS level (as much as possible). I teach “enrichment” with an emphasis on robotics, so I have a lot of freedom in planning and curriculum. But I’m a programming and robotic novice — last year I received training from PLTW and taught PLTW Automation and Robotics with Vex kits to my 8th grader, and dabbled a little with Python on Raspberry Pi with 7th.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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