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    In recent weeks, while researching different educational methodologies, I noticed that a project called Duckietown is already underway. Then I did a detailed review of Duckietown and then decided to send you this email. I am the head organisator of KalRobotics Club which works in fields like robotics, software development etc. After reviewing Duckietown, I explained the project to my team. As a club, they told me that we already want to do such a project and that they like Duckietown. We also researched Istanbul Community for the Duckietown project, which has an internationally growing community, but we observed that there were problems in Istanbul Community in terms of sustainable activities and educational events. We already have a community of 65 different teams for the FRC competition that we attend every year and we want to enlarge the Duckietown project with them. We ask you for help to tell us how we can take steps in this way, to inform us about what we can do and to give us a chance to contribute to this useful project. Also we are ready to inform you about our past projects, the achievements we have achieved and the subjects we have experienced.

    Thank you for your interest,
    Kerem Aygüney

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