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    I have gotten to the step where I have to make the the duckiebot move. I am using ubuntu 18. But the issue that I am having is the same error as if it were on a Mac OSX, where the window pops up, but the car does not move. The only thing I’ve done differently during the initial set-up that might be causing an issue is with the hostname. I couldn’t figure out how to give it a real host name so I just used the IP address and verified that it was correct when setting it up. Could that be causing an issue with the movement of the robot and if so, can someone help me set-up a real host name?
    Thank you

    Liam Paull

    Hi Nikhil,
    It’s hard to say for sure based on the information you have provided, but my best guess is that this is a “DNS” problem related to ROS. In other words, when you push the buttons on the popup window they are not getting getting translated properly.

    Just to be sure I understand, you ran the command:

    $ dts duckiebot keyboard_control hostname

    where you replaced hostname with your IP address correct? If you cannot “ping” from your laptop to the Duckiebot using the hostname of your Duckiebot, then this will not work. You can test with

    $ ping hostname.local

    You originally set the hostname when you create the SD card. As you can see here the default hostname for your robot is “duckiebot” unless you specified something else during the SD card burning procedure.

    So please try to ping “duckiebot.local” and if that works proceed with the dts command and replace hostname with duckiebot and let me know if any of that works.




    Hey Liam,
    Thank you for the reply. So I ended up reflashing the SD card and this time I was able to name the robot correctly and ping it correctly under the name duckiebot as the host. But once again when I got to the keyboard_control command, it ran the command without a problem, but the robot still won’t run. The end of the command window shows a giant yellow duck on the terminal so I assume it’s correct, the robot just won’t run.

    Liam Paull

    can you also confirm that you did run the joystick container first:

    $ docker -H hostname.local run -dit –privileged –name joystick –network=host -v /data:/data duckietown/rpi-duckiebot-joystick-demo:master18

    you have to do this because the keyboard_control in some sense “spoofs” the joystick

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