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    Erich Clark

    I am working on making Duckietown road templates, so that roads can be quickly made to exact standards without individually measuring (especially for curves).
    I now have some framing matte paper, and I coated it with clear lacquer today for some added stability/swell resistance. If all goes well, I could probably make some for others or at least help you make your own. I will keep you posted here about my progress.

    Kirsten Bowser

    Very interesting!
    Though I’m not sure I understand. You’re making a paper template to put on top of the tile so that you put the tape in to correct place?
    Do you have some pics? I’d love to see it.


    Erich Clark

    Yay! It’s done!
    Well, the straight road templates are done anyhow…

    I made a set of cardboard templates to quickly and precisely make lots of Duckietown straight road tiles, and I wrote an article showing all the steps in how to make and use them.

    You can see lots of pics and math at :



    Jacopo Tani

    Thanks for doing this Erich!

    We actually have templates already for straights and curves, but they’re kind of bulky so we don’t advertise them and are working for making them a little better.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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