Running a submission on the duckiebot

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    Hi all,

    Upon executing dts duckiebot evaluate meteoro --image marquezo/aido1_lf1_r3-v3-submission:2018_11_14_00_31_52', my duckiebot doesn't do anything and the output I get seems to get stuck atStarting bag recording…’ as follows:

    INFO:dts:duckietown-shell 3.0.31

    dts : Problems with a command?
    : Report here:
    : Troubleshooting:
    : – If some commands update fail, delete ~/.dt-shell/commands
    : – To reset the shell to “factory settings”, delete ~/.dt-shell
    : (Note: you will have to re-configure.)
    Duckietown Shell commands version 1.1.1
    INFO:dts:Starting slim remote on meteoro
    INFO:dts:Getting calibration files
    Warning: the ECDSA host key for ‘meteoro.local’ differs from the key for the IP address ‘’
    Offending key for IP in /home/orlandom/.ssh/known_hosts:11
    Matching host key in /home/orlandom/.ssh/known_hosts:14
    Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
    duckie@meteoro.local‘s password:
    meteoro.yaml 100% 267 42.5KB/s 00:00
    meteoro.yaml 100% 662 96.8KB/s 00:00
    meteoro.yaml 100% 123 12.7KB/s 00:00
    DEBUG:dts:Checking docker environment for user orlandom
    INFO:dts:Starting bag recording…

    Any ideas on how to debug this?

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