Community leaders

What is the role of community leader?

The role of a community leader  is to make the local Duckietown community grow, by creating a positive environment and helping with the coordination of the community. This includes curating the community pages, and helping moderate the forums.

What community leaders can do on the Duckietown website

Ability 1: Edit community pages

The community leader has the ability to edit part of the content of the community pages. In particular you can edit a short description of the community which appears in the front page, as well as creating an “about” page where you can describe more in detail how the community is organized.

Ability 2: Moderate the forums

The community leader can moderate the community forums.

Application for becoming a community leader

To apply to be a community leader, make sure you are logged in. Then you will be able to see a form below.

We will then contact you, and give you a link to the manual that explains how to do the things above.

Please log in to see the form.

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