The Duckietown Massive Online Open Course

The Duckietown Foundation presents the first hardware based massive online open course (MOOC) in AI and robotics: “Self-driving cars with Duckietown”, free on edX.

Learn autonomy hands-on by making real robots take their own decisions and accomplish broadly defined tasks. Step by step from the theory, to the implementation, to the deployment in simulation as well as on Duckiebots.

Leverage the power of the new NVIDIA’s Jetson Nano powered Duckiebot to see your algorithms come to life!

MOOC Factsheet

  • Name: Self-driving cars with Duckietown

  • Platform: edX

  • Cost: free to attend

  • Instructors:
    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ),
    Université de Montréal (UdM),
    Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC)


  • Basic Linux, Python, Git

  • Elements of linear algebra, probability, calculus

  • Elements of kinematics, dynamics

  • Computer with native Ubuntu installation

  • Broadband internet connection

What you will learn​

  • Computer Vision

  • Robot operations

  • Object Detection

  • Onboard localization

  • Robot Control

  • Planning

  • Reinforcement Learning

Robot Perception: Duckiebots detect lane marking on the fly and use mathematical models of their camera and environment to estimate their position and orientation in the lane. 

Duckiebot Detection: driving in Duckietown is fun but safety should always be paramount. DuckieBots can detect other vehicles and estimate their relative poses to avoid collisions.

Robot Planning: as Duckietowns grow bigger, smart Duckiebots plan their path in town. Traffic signs at intersections provide landmarks to localize on the global map and determine next turns.

Pedestrian detection: there are many obstacles in Duckietown – some move and some don’t. Being able to detect pedestrians (duckies) is important to guarantee safe driving.