I am going through the code in lane_filter_node.py. While I understand the overall detection pipeline, I’m having trouble understanding how certain things work in the lane_filter_node.py. These are:

  • What exactly is instantiate(c[0], c[1]) instantiating? What are the parameters? (I understand that c[0] is function name and c[1] are its parameters) Do they specify to instantiate a Bayes’ filter?
  • What are each of these steps doing:
    Step #0 get values from server, #1 predict, #2 update, #3 build messages and publish things
  • What is self.curvature_res?
  • Where can I find the definitions for self.filter.function_name(...)
  • Apart from this, what is the difference between lane_filter and lane_filter_generic?
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I’m not sure what that one does.