I watched the duckiebot assembly instructions and noticed that in TD17 instruction (https://docs.duckietown.org/DT17/opmanual_duckiebot/out/soldering_boards_c0.html) is using Adafruit DC/Stepper Motor HAT, and in DT18 (https://docs.duckietown.org/DT18/opmanual_duckiebot/out/assembling_duckiebot_db18.html) is using self made board. But in source code of wheels driver is using Adafruit_MotorHAT (https://github.com/duckietown/Software/blob/master18/catkin_ws/src/05-teleop/dagu_car/include/dagu_car/dagu_wheels_driver.py)
So I’m lost. I have 2 assumptions:
In github repo there is no code for this driver yet (but it’s strange – branch is master18)
Duckiebot hut has the same I2C interface and actually impersonating the Adafuit board, but I can’t check it.
Can someone help me figure it out?
Also, is there a gerber file for this board (I mean Duckiebot hut)?

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