I assemblied the duckiebot according to the operation manual. I followed the instruction to make the duckiebot move. In fact everything works fine when the duckiebot is just turning or moving backwards. But as soon as I want it to drive forward it stops almost immediately and reboots.
If the wheels are in the air everything is ok, only when i touch the wheels and exhibit some resistance to them, the robot turns off and then reboots. Could it be that there is some threshold while driving forward in order to avoid damage to the robot when some force, torque, or current is exceeded?
After the reboot is simply start the joystick demo again and then i can control the robot again with the keyboard.
How to solve this?
Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jacopo,

thanks for your answers and attention. I have right now no access to my duckiebot. I will send you a video showing the mentioned isse, as soon as possible, which, unfortunately, might take some weeks.

Thanks anyway!