in many places in the documentation it tells to go to duckietown directory on duckebot. In the previous version there was a Software directory under ~/ and the image also contained ros and catkin utils.
now, if I ssh into the duckiebot, clone the directory on github, switch branches – but I dont have catkin_make and ros.
If I use dts start_gui_tools robotname, to get a shell, I get catkin_make, but I am unable to git checkout branch, because in the docker version git will not find that branch.
when we get a shell like this:

<code><a id="add-id-a-140467315337616" class="ignore-if-not-existent"></a><span class="docker program">docker</span> <span class="program_option">-H</span> <span class="placeholder">hostname</span>.local run <span class="program_option">-it</span> <span class="program_option">--net</span> host <span class="program_option">--privileged</span> <span class="program_option">--name</span> base duckietown/rpi-duckiebot-base:master18 /bin/bash</code>

it does not have the .git directory, so i still can not checkout.

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