I’m trying to run dts on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), but I’m having some trouble:
This is what I get when I run: docker run duckietown/dt-challenges-evaluator:v3
858ee7bdf485: Pull complete
ec0a175f3b4c: Pull complete
297366c34d14: Pull complete
7d91f4a811aa: Pull complete
e4cb818cf8ed: Pull complete
ad341ed15d87: Pull complete
e3b0fadd3610: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:4bd20a8c2268e18cf393e28a31d2b23bcd99adaf50d2fc1b5ff5b3e94f19a36b    206MB/215.4MB
Status: Downloaded newer image for duckietown/dt-challenges-evaluator:v3
INFO:dt-challenges-runner:dt-challenges-runner 3.1.58
INFO:dts:duckietown-shell 3.0.30
INFO:duckietown-challenges:duckietown-challenges 3.2.14
10:23:32|evaluator|runner.py:87|dt_challenges_evaluator_(): dt-challenges-evaluator (DTC 3.1.58)
10:23:32|evaluator|runner.py:88|dt_challenges_evaluator_(): called with:
10:23:32|dts|env_checks.py:33|check_docker_environment(): Checking docker environment for user root
10:23:32|dts|env_checks.py:97|check_user_in_docker_group(): My groups are [] and “docker” group is 102
Note that when you add a user to a group, you need to login in and out.
10:23:32|evaluator|runner.py:80|dt_challenges_evaluator(): Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/project/src/duckietown_challenges_runner/runner.py”, line 75, in dt_challenges_evaluator
File “/project/src/duckietown_challenges_runner/runner.py”, line 121, in dt_challenges_evaluator_
File “/project/src/duckietown-shell/lib/dt_shell/env_checks.py”, line 68, in check_docker_environment
raise InvalidEnvironment(msg)
InvalidEnvironment: I cannot communicate with Docker:
(‘Connection aborted.’, error(2, ‘No such file or directory’))
Make sure the docker service is running.
I’m able to use docker inside WSL by mapping the env variables into my ~/.bahsrc, but I keep getting that error.
I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance

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