We are trying to run the unit D-8 demo saviours but we are getting these errors while running it.
The steps we followed were:
Run the joystick demo

<code><span class="console_sign">$</span> git checkout devel-saviors-23feb
$ git pull
$ <span class="sudo program">sudo</span> <span class="apt-get program">apt-get</span> install python-skimage
<code><span class="source program">$ source</span> environment.sh
<span class="console_sign">$</span> <span class="catkin_make program">catkin_make</span> <span class="program_option">-C</span> catkin_ws/
<span class="console_sign">$</span> m<span class="make program">ake</span> demo-lane-following</code><code></code>

We are getting the error after the above command. Are we doing anything wrong ?
Any suggestions on why we are getting these errors?
Thank you

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