This is my first time participating in the competition. I would like to get some clarifications concerning the format of the competition. Please forgive me if my questions sound very basic.
If I understood correctly:

  1. on the 1st of April I can send my submission to the servers via the command “dts challenges submit”, which will then be evaluated inside a simulator
  2. If my submission gets “enough points”, it goes to the second level of the competition where it will be launched on one of the roboquariums made available
  3. If all goes well it goes to the last level of the competition, which is a live run of my submission on the duckietown at the ICRA conference on the 22nd of May

Could someone please confirm that all of the above is correct, and if not, correct where needed ?
I would also like some clarification on some technical details.
If my submission is deployed on the bots on one of the roboquariums or during the live competition, will slim-remote still be used ? I understand it is during simulations, but I cannot quite grasp how it could be relevant during a physical run on the bots. If indeed it is still used, please confirm. IF NOT, could someone please tell me how my submission would be run, so that I can run some tests in advance on my duckiebots.
I thank you in advance for your answer.

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