Now that the kickstarter project is funded how do I get a kit?

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Hi thanks to the Duckietown developers. I would like to ask you some questions about Duckiebot Initialization.

1) Insert the Duckiebot-PRI image into Raspberry with sd. So why do you install ros and so on already in Raspberry.

Is it enough to install only Duckiebot-PRI without a separate ROS installation.

2) If you install Duckiebot-PRI image, Ssh on PC can be set up without password. So is it automatically connected to Duckiebot.

It’s over. Thank you.

Han Sang-il


Hi Han Sang-Il – these are great topics for our forum, please head over https://www.duckietown.org/forums/forum/technical/duckiebot-setup and submit a new thread. Thanks!


1) I’m not sure I totally understand the question. At present, ROS exists within a Docker container that is loaded onto your SD card. You do not need to install ROS on the Raspberry Pi

2) If you burned our SD card on the same computer that you are trying to SSH from this should happen automatically. Just type:

ssh ![hostname]

where ![hostname] is the name of your robot.