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ZongYuan Ge, is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Monash and also serve as a Deep Learning Specialist at NVIDIA East Asia Research Centre. Before he joined Monash Zongyuan was a research scientist at IBM Research Australia doing research in medical AI during 2016-2018. He has been awarded science accomplishment award and manger choice of the year inside IBM for his excellent contributions to those projects. In 2017, Zongyuan was selected as one of the 200 Most Qualified Young Researchers in Computer and Mathematics by the Scientific Committee of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation in 2017. Formerly Zongyuan was a PhD candidate with Australian Centre for Robotics Vision at Queensland University of Tech and worked with Prof. Peter Corke, Dr. Chris McCool and Dr. Conrad Sanderson. He has enthusiasm for AI, computer vision , medical image, robotics and deep learning research.
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