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AI-DO I Interactive Tutorials

The AI Driving Olympics, presented by the Duckietown Foundation with help from our partners and sponsors is now in full swing. Check out the leaderboard! We now have templates for ROS, PyTorch, and TensorFlow, as well as an agnostic template. We also have baseline implementation using the classical pipeline, imitation learning with data from both […]

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AI Driving Olympics Ready for Submissions

Submissions to the AI Driving Olympics are officially open for the Lane Following task evaluated in simulation. To make a submission, follow the instructions in the AIDO-book. For example, a good place to start is the Quick Start Guide. For discussion please check out the AIDO forums.

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Kicking off the Duckietown Donation program with Cali, Colombia

Our first donation of a class kit goes to Cali, Colombia. We've reached our Kickstarter goal! This is great news because it means that we can kick off our donation program, with our first donation of a Class Kit, to students at the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente in Cali, Colombia.  Why a donation program?Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are the sciences of the future, which […]
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Duckietown in Ghana – Teaching robotics to brilliant students

In July 2018, Vincent Mai taught a 2-week Duckietown class to some of the brightest high school students in Ghana. You can help the Duckietown Foundation to fund similar experiences by donating. The email – Montreal, January 2018 On the morning of January 29th, 2018, I received an email. It was a call for international […]
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How Duckietown inspired a 14 year old girl to become a tech entrepreneur

Valeria and Andrea before getting back to work on Duckiebots (2016, MIT) We host a guest post by Valeria Cagnina, who had the luck to meet our team very early – in fact, when the first Duckietown was still being built – and she helped with the tape! Nothing is impossible…the word itself says “I’m possible”! […]

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The Duckiebots are ready to conquer the world!

Dear friends of Duckietown:We are excited to bring you tremendous news about the Duckietown project.In the past years we have had the support from many enthusiastic individuals who have donated their time and efforts to help the Duckietown project grow, and grown it has!Duckietown started at MIT in 2016 - almost two years ago. Now […]
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Communities sites launched

Today, we have launched the new communities subsites: more than 400, in fact. Each comes with a blog and a forum. We hope that this will encourage Duckietown enthusiasts to organize locally.

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Announcing the AI Driving Olympics (AI-DO)

Press release The Duckietown Foundation is excited to announce the official opening of the The AI Driving Olympics, a new competition focused around AI for self-driving cars. The first edition of the AI Driving Olympics 2018 will take place in December 2018, at NIPS, the premiere machine learning conference, in Montréal. This is the first competition […]

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Student Day at ST Napoli

High school students from around Naples enjoyed Duckietown at STMicroelectronics Research Centre this past May 9th.

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A lab for self-driving vehicles

A lab for self-driving vehicles: profile of the Fall 2017 class.
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